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Have a new terrace after only one morning's work.

Have the colour of the paving slabs and block paviours refreshed and get rid of algae, moss and dirt. With the new StoneColor® product, which is available at Danish DIY retailers and dealers around the world, everyone can renew their terrace and driveway themselves in a few hours.

Over time your terrace, paving slabs and block paviours get old, looking dull and worn from water, frost, moss, algae and dirt. Now there is no need to go to the expense of replacing your patio or driveway, simply paint them with StoneColor®

StoneColor® is a special kind of surface treatment that is easily applied with a long-haired rya roller, a spray gun or a paint brush.

StoneColor® provides a protective coating - which keeps the stones looking fresh for years after, while repelling water, oil and dirt.

Done in one morning

The work on a regular terrace can be completed in one morning. And while your paving slabs are freshened up, you also save money on materials and workmanship.

"StoneColor® relies on the latest advances within nanotechnology. It is environmentally friendly because it is water-based, and it keeps dirt, oil and water off the paving slabs, while still allowing the stones to "breathe" so the water can still penetrate through the stones. Paving slabs and can last many years thanks to the improved wearing qualities and resistance against UV radiation offered by StoneColor®,"

says Joen Reinert.

StoneColor® is available in several different natural stone colours: Concrete grey, slate grey, black, mocha and natural red. Over the past years, Nowocoat Industrial A/S has been developing StoneColor, which will be available in Danish DIY retailers from march 2009.

Get inspiration and guidance on - here you can also use " play with colours " where you can see how the different colours looks for your house.

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  • Renew your paving slabs
  • Nanotechnology
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to apply
  • Inhibits the growth of moss and algae