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Quality and environment

The highest quality combined with accountability and thoughtfulness

Quality assurance and environmental considerations are inextricably linked at Nowocoat A/S, and therefore we have chosen to be double-certified by the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards as part of our basic foundation.


A high and uniform level of quality is what we at Nowocoat A/S promise to deliver to our customers. Therefore, we have chosen to be certified by the ISO 9001 standard which contains specific requirements for a quality management system that continually improves our internal production and coatings for the benefit of our customers. For example, our production batches are continually tested throughout the mixing and controlled by strict requirements from our customers - as well as our own ambitions.
We are proud to say that we are the only Danish manufacturer of an algicide, NEUTRALON, which is approved by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency. Most of our roof paints and impregnations also have a CE marking - and no other similar products have that in Denmark.

The environment

When you apply surface treatments to your products with coatings from Nowocoat A/S, you extend the life expectancy of the products, and this in itself contributes to a better environment. However, throughout our production and development processes, we are also very focused on replacing environmentally damaging substances with alternatives that do not impact on nature and our environment to the same extent.  
The production at Nowocoat A/S is certified by the ISO 14001 standard, and this is your guarantee that all of our products are manufactured with the utmost consideration for the environment.

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